Happy Ads is the Official Partner for Moengage in Pakistan

As a business you operate in world that is not only super competitive but also hyper connected
This means your customers now have more choices that ever before


With Moengage as a partner, we help you get detailed insights about your customers and help you retain and grow your customer relationship that result in consistent revenue growth.

MoEngage® is an insights-led Customer Engagement platform for consumer brands, that empowers marketers and product owners with AI-driven insights to create omnichannel experiences that consumers love.


MOENGAGE will help you in identifying insights about every individual customer across multiple point of sales and engagements. You can combine the data from different sources like your website, app, retail POS, CRM and more to create a unified view of a customer.

Next, you can personalize your engagement with every individual customer through Moengage’s personalization engine.

Moengage’s Insights platform will help you deep dive into customer behavior across different touch points to get precise understanding of each customer.

This will help you engage users at every stage of customer lifecycle

As an Omnichannel solution, Moengage helps you in engaging customers across multiple platforms including

Who Uses Moengage ?

Moengage is used across multiple sectors including

Some companies in Pakistan using Moengage

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