Make memorable marketing content and use the viral power of AR filters to reach, engage, entertain and convert the masses to your brand.



Tell powerful stories and create virality by fusing together the engagement of AR Filters with the power of social media. Create fun and engaging AR filters with Happy Ads across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok that are instantly shareable.

Effect House by TikTok

Lens Studio by Snapchat

Meta Spark Studio by Meta

Social Experiences that we create

Face Filters

Face filters let brands convert their users into their brand ambassadors by allowing them to customize their face and background with branded elements, transforming the face into brand characters or adding fun accessories like caps, moustaches and glasses.

Augmented World

Augmented world brings your surroundings to life!  Place branded objects and characters in your environment and interact with them like never before. Let your imagination take over and transform your world into a playground of endless possibilities.

Mini Games

Mini games transform your user’s experience with gamification! Create gamified filters with Happy Ads for an immersive experience that will keep your users engaged over and over again and involve others.


Give users access to an augmented doorway which they can place in their environment to step into an alternate world

Image Tracker

Experience the power of augmented reality with our innovative image scanning feature! By simply scanning an image, you can trigger a stunning AR experience that comes to life right before your eyes. Use brand packaging, billboards, menus or just about any printed material to trigger the branded experience.

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