Happy Ads specializes in helping your app scale across android and IOS app stores.

We partner with some of the top apps across fintech, ride hailing, grocery delivery, edtech and many other categories to give sustainable and profitable scale with high LTV user aquistion.

How do we work ?


Firstly, we ensure that you have the right tracking in place

The world of mobile apps, DSP, Affiliates and OEMs is a tricky one. With some of the highest level of fraud, it is essential that you have the right tools in place to help you detect fraud traffic and to attribute the install to the right channels to optimize the scale of your campaign. That is why at Happy Ads we only work with apps that have an integration with globally recognized MMP partners

Next. we help you choose the right partner based on your objectives

Whether you are looking for new installs, new signups, subscriptions, purchase or re-activation- Happy Ads helps you activate the right channels through our global partners to scale sustainably while bringing high LTV users. We have partnered with some of the world’s top sources of mobile users that consistently bring in high quality installs for our clients. Our performance partners include ClearPier, Affle MAAS and Inmobi bringing app publishers the best of programmatic performance partners under a single roof.



We start by experimenting with audiences, creatives and placements to identify the most effective supply for your app without burning through your budget.

Once we start getting high quality users through audience and placement data, we scale the campaigns to drive accelerated growth for your app



All our app performance campaigns run exclusively through third party mobile attribution partners. That means the performance reports of our campaigns will be provided by globally recognized Independent Mobile Attribution partners.

As an app publisher/advertiser you can rest assured that you will be billed only when our campaigns perform and the performance is verified by third party. We support CPI and CPA campaigns across multiple categories


Third party trackers that we support include:


Happy Ads allows you full funnel marketing to increase your engagement and performance of your app campaign.

Some of the best mobile apps trust us

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